I have 0 quests?

I’ve had 0 credit quests for the last 3 days… now I apparently have 0 platinum quests too… I just loaded the game for the first time in 24 hours… this isn’t how it’s supposed to be right?


At some point you’re gonna run out of credit quests, so that’s gonna happen.

But no dailies? I’m pretty sure that’s not s’pposed to happen.

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I mean dailies… there’s supposed to be one daily for regular credits and up to 3 for platinum, but I have 0… and it’s been much longer than a day…

Isn’t the one for credits just the main quest? There’s only twenty of those.


Oh seriously??

Still the platinum

Though I didn’t like The Division much as an overall game, it did get some of my respect for the way they have 1 hard weekly quest and 3 moderately challenging daily quests. I also like the way Warframe handles their little daily lottery as well. Every time you log in to Warframe you get an item where as it’s rarity depends on how many days you have consecutively logged in. Skip even just one day and you gotta start your karma all over again. That gimmick always got me to log in each day even if I didnt want to play a round. Most of the time I did wind up playing a match or two for the hell of it though.

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can you post a screenshot showing what’s going on? I’m pretty sure the daily quests update at about 7 pm EST, so that might play into why you’re seeing some weird update issues.

Yeah it looks like they’re spawning for me now but seems like way slower… I only got 1 new quest when it refreshed…

You only get one new platinum quest daily.