I have 55 room decorations, and only 3 hangars

This is a travesty :frowning: Don’t even get me started on the lighting, or rather lack thereof. Even Amara who rolled god-stats on her room needs to use the neon items for lack of visibility.


it’s all about choices

looks like your feng shui will be off.


Has anyone else found the decoration which is a big sign saying “myself” it looks really cool now I just need to decide where to hang myself.


It’d be nice to have more options for decorating our rooms. (Including lighting, color schemes, furniture, and stuff) Amara pretty much moved everything from her one bedroom loft into her room aboard sanctuary.(ferns, bed, punching bag, candles, Zen sign…) Lol. I like Fl4ks “pet corner” with the hammock and bags of food.

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The ability to decorate your room had to be a random, last minute addition for giggles because it totally feels bolted on and in no way finished. Marketing probably wanted an extra bullet point “Customize your room!!!” and slapped it on.

But I agree that I’d like more than 3 hangers. Seriously. Hell, let me use the gun mounts as trophy cases and put decorations there instead.


I decorated my first characters room. Hung items and even some gear on the wall. Now? I’d rather spend time making another mule.

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You may be partially right; I highly doubt that 55+ decorations was a last minute addition, and yet the feature was clearly not thought through all the way.

They may have already had created those as just collection items then last minute decided to make a way to display them. Who knows. Either way, you guys are right it’s a bit lackluster and can definitely be improved on.

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I’m pretty sure the majority of, if not all, room decorations are just rescaled versions of props and art already in the game. In the grand scheme of things, it would not have taken a tremendous amount of time to chop up some existing art and throw it in, and it’s extremely low risk.


Ah yeah, that’s a good point. Clearly, the solution here is to nerf Amara’s room so it’s as terrible as the other characters’.


I’d rather have more bank space than additional hangers, creating all these mules for the terror stuff is starting to get annoying…

Very true. I also was baffled that the decoration options are so limited. Maybe they will add more in future?

I just treat my room like a museum and plan to rotate out the 3 items every month.

WHile I agree in general, I wish Gearbox would STOP wasting time on skins, heads, trinkets, and cr#p decorations and focus on putting ALL abailable efforts into fixing and improving the game. Please, don’t Battleborn BL3.

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They already have.

And by the time this hits steam, Cyberpunk will be out.

It would be nice if they added hangers throughout the various worlds that you could purchase with say Eridium to customize with your decorations the feng shui of say your Gravewarden battleground.

I Have No Mouth, And I must Scream

(Sorry, that’s just what the title reminded me of. And Fl4k references it after using the drop pod)

Funny you should mention, just a couple of days ago I acquired the Mouthpiece Mask.

That’s a really good idea, I’m going to start rotating my collection.

I know right? when I found my first room decoration item I was like “whoa…gonna customize this thing to my hearts content”

3 customizable points which dont affect your rooms appearance in any meaningfull way…its pretty much a non-factor and at best a funny feature at the moment, nothing thats even worth collecting. Lets just hope Gearbox extends this to the point where we have actual choice in regards to customize our rooms

The more I play the more I come to the conclusion that I really should ve waited 6 months with the purchase /sigh

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