I have a bad computer to play BL2, any tips to play it smoothly?

Heyo. I’m new at the forums.

i’ve been looking for help with an issue i have, since the last update on BL2 for Steam i wasn’t able to disable the thick black lines in my game, so i can play with better performance and i like the game without em. is there a way to disable them or it is a big RIP for me?

Moved you to the texh support section. Anything in the config file you can adjust?

i’ve tried everything, from adjusting the ini file to uninstalling and installing again, and redoing what i used to have on the ini file

(edit) none of it seems to change in-game

here’s a vid with all the changes, they worked fine before the update, but now nothing does

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Update The only way that i found to solve this is by “downgrading” Borderlands 2 to it’s oldest versions. the damage of it is none cuz in steam you can “verify integrity of files” in order to return to the actual version.

Here’s a link to where i found it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2014284368