I have a Breaker COM with Find Your Center. and a phasezerker

I have A breaker com with Find Your Center, and a phasezerker. I’m not sure what I want, so, like, just offer anything. I’m planning to play all VHs, so

hey dude id take the flurrying solitary breaker one i have some anointed Stuff just add me on EGL and we get it done =) EGL: Sintech1349

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Okay, that leaves the Rope a Dope with Dahl bonuses

Just realized I also have a spare Phazezerker

Adding…I’ll call this the Hellwalker Class Mod

I would be interested in your Breaker Mod if you are looking for something specific.

The one with Find Your Center?

I’m not looking for anything too specific, just cool stuff :slight_smile:

What Vault Hunter are you using?

All of them :slight_smile:

If you have a fancy Snowdrift, cool. If not, I’m still not sure what exists

I have a Snowdrift Launch Pad, Snowdrift Loaded Dice and Snowdrift Rocket Boots. Snowdrift Loaded Dice has double luck stats.

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Oh. Wow. Hm. Well, my Amara has loaded dice and she’s become my farmer. Lemme look up whether I’d prefer launch or rocket

Do you have pics of them side by side? and I guess the dice too, just so I make my decision best :joy:but I’m definitely in for one of them :slight_smile:

I am with the family now I will post a pic later.

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Okay, awesome :slight_smile:

Still have the solitary breaker?

I have a few breakers now with FYC.

Trade you something for the flurrying?

Drop your tag and I’ll pop it over (which bottom stats?) and we can sort it after

Sure thing, what do you have?

I could like to have that flyrrying breaker mod with grenade bonus IGN:Cryzak

Got anything cool for it?

Lets see ingame, much easier to show mods etc if u cant say what you are looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay,I’m playing now