I have a feeling we're going to see the Heart Breaker real soon

With the recent hotfix and shift code releasing new uniques to TPS. I have a feeling come Feb. 14th, we’re going to see the Heart Breaker released. :smile:

It’s just a hunch. Or more like a wish. :wink:


They should release it as part of a Head Hunter pack.

I don’t care how it’s released. As long as it is released. :innocent:

As far as I’m concerned, beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll be happy with anything new coming to TPS at this point. Regardless of the manner in which it’s released.


Not gonna lie, the Heartbreaker would kinda be the perfect gun for Athena. Way increased pellet count, one ammo per shot, MOXXI HEALING, added crit damage…guaranteed fire…basically perfect.


I agree. Heart breaker is perfect for valentine’s.

You know what else heart breaker is perfect for? ATHENA!

Insane stacking + healing? OMFG PLEASE


I would love to get a bladed Heart Breaker for my Athena.

This would be sick. I never really dabbled with Moxxi stuff too much in BL2, but when I first started farming with my 72 Gaige I fell in love with the Hail and this. Oh, and totally unrelated, but a month or two ago we discovered how insane a drunk Mongol shot is with the Grog.

Yes please. Many hearts are broken on that day after all. Especially mine.

I’d be down for a Heartbreaker…the shotgun, not Valentine’s Day. Hate that holiday

Makes total sense to me…

Heartbreaker on Valentines Day!!!

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The only heart that’s being broken on Valentine’s is mine!

Joking. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind it, love having more farmable items added.

I would be so happy considering the Heartbreaker is one of my favorite guns in BL2.

Yes! Please! I think everyone on this side of the forum is secretly looking forward to Valentine’s Day for the small splinter of hope that the heartbreaker will finally be made available!
P.S. - unwritten rule- (can’t go cheap on Valentine’s Day) gotta go for broke with a fixed part practicable prefix shift code reward to 100% satisfy all of your spoiled whiny adoring fans! :heart_eyes: