I have a problem with game and I don't understand these logs

Can somebody tell me what should I do? What is “bamboo”?

I may not be right, however based on the fact that Battleborn is named Poplar and Borderlands 1 (at least) is Willow I’d guess that Bamboo is the in-house name for The Pre-Sequel.

My suggestion would be to verify game files through the steam client to see if that helps.

Going to move this to the Pre-sequel PC tech support too.

Verifying game files didn’t help me, it was the first thing I did. I still don’t know what to do, there are no such folders in the game folder. And sorry for the wrong choice of category.


Here’s the support desk, submitting a support ticket might help you to resolve this issue. Best of luck getting this sorted, I’ve never had this issue so I can’t speak from experience on it but the support desk might have seen it before and be able to provide a solution quickly.

No worries.

A totally crackpot idea and a long shot but…

Do you have a tablet or touch pad of some kind plugged into your PC?

I’m sorry but I don’t have any of this now.

OK - it was just a wild guess.

The whole “filename not found” looks very familiar though - I’ve seen very similar error logs in a number of the PC tech support sections here. From memory, some potential causes were:

  • Steam sync incorrectly blocking or removing a file
  • Antivirus software preventing a file being saved to disk during Steam verification
  • Other permissions issues due to Windows Defender and Bitdefender
  • Overlay for Discord interfering with the game
  • Missing or incorrect video drivers
  • Windows 10 needing to run in compatibility mode for the game to run smoothly.

See for example:

For a full list to explore:


The support folks should also be able to help you out, but response times may be a bit longer than usual as we’re heading towards the July 4th US holiday.

delete the entire folder and restart the game. for now ignore the assertion line. bamboo is a build server. but basically everything there is saying it can’t find the executable for the game. so just delete the whole folder. steam should redownload it automatically.

Are save games and the profile data in the same folder, or a different one?

Saves/profiles are in documents. These are in steam.

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