I have a question about Frozen Enemies

Do frozen enemies take more damage from certain sources, like melee? Also, are there any legendary items, anointments, bonuses, or character perks in the game that give bonus damage against frozen enemies? I could’ve sworn I’ve seen something or heard someone say this at some point during my Zane playthrough, but I just can’t remember…

There’s a plain old line of relics that increase crit efficiency and damage versus frozen enemies. Icebreaker, maybe?

They only do increased damage from melee in this game. Times 3, same as TPS in that regard.

Ice Breaker relics increase damage against Frozen enemies by 35%.

Ok, cool… I just changed my Zane build to use Rough Rider pair with Calm, Cool, Collected in the Barrier as my action skill duration extender and see if I like it better than using Good Misfortune with either a Re-charger or Transformer for a more basic combat style. CCC relies heavily on crits to freeze enemies (Brain Freeze) or make it absolutely necessary to use cryo weapons, but when the Night Hawkin’ is one of my favorite weapons, it’s not that much of a burden… also with the current drop rate farm and anointments being somewhat plentiful, I can just get the 100% damage as cryo while SNTNL is active.

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Zane can get lifesteal from frozen targets but that’s the only advantage in skill trees I can think of.
I run CCC RR most of the times I play with Zane and it’s pretty fun and relaxing.

Ya, once I got the unique version in Borderlands 2, I couldn’t stop using it… And now I can’t stop thinking of cool combos to use it in BL3.

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I’m not gonna take the thread off topic more than this but I put RR on my Fl4k to see how it worked in my healing build and it felt like an actual cleric class.

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Depending on the content you may be better of with a Band of Sitorak or a Big Boom Blaster for your CCC build. You get to retain the benefits of Good Misfortune (15% more damage than the com) without sacrificing CCC resets because they recharge so fast.

Ok… since those shields can be farmed from rare enemies I’ll do that sometime during this event and see if I like them. But then again, the whole point of using RR with CCC is to bypass the shield regen, do health if I need it, but ultimately to get the action skill reset. And I’m guessing it’s a typo, but Good Misfortune doesn’t give 15% more damage, instead it’s duration… and I’m not sure what com is supposed to stand for.

Whatever makes you happy :grin:. The point was to bring to your attention that there are other shields available that allow for CCC sustain where you are not as squishy should your barrier go down, you don’t lose 15% DPS, nor waste 5 skill points. But if RR is your jam then jam on! :grin:

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I have done a little testing of my Rough Rider CCC Zane build while trying to get an anointed Maggie in the creature slaughter and got very lucky with getting a while barrier is active, gain 60% accuracy and 70% crit damage one on my 2nd attempt. But the build is very good during the day, but at night it’s less effective since Night Hawkin changes to fire… The extra damage it gets is insanely good, but for the first time I wish it would stay on cryo more often… I think I’ll need to replace Night Hawkin with a different cryo weapon just so it’s always cryo, but overall a cool build.

If you get the arctic prefix on a hawkin it is always cryo.

Literally, every Night Hawkin I have (3) has the Arctic prefix… they still change to fire during the night. Maybe it still does some cryo damage (as if it has the +100 cryo damage while SNTNL is active anointment) along with the fire damage, but the freeze doesn’t proc nearly as easily… mostly cuz the enemies die so fast when it’s in the x3 mode, but still…

I’ve changed my build to a Stop-Gap Seein’ Dead Good Misfortune. I find I like the Good Misfortune and Seein’ Dead combo A LOT better than Calm, Cool, Collected. Now I only hope/wait for a level increase so I can get more skill points to round out my skills.

Yes…even every 1 ive ever seen (50+). They still fire the 1 original projectile as cryo; i stacked them with the terror projectile to be sure

From what I know about cryo and the night hawkin once an enemy is frozen they will take 3x melee dmg and take increased crit dmg from cryo weapons (don’t know about night hawkin interactions with the bonus crit). And even at night the night hawkin can still freeze enemies I’ve seen it happen probably because the bullet trails are faintly red but the impact still has the light blue of cryo dmg. In fact I’ve had the night hawkin freeze an enemy at night and not trigger CCC so I don’t know if night hawkin at night is a good choice for freezing things.

Hope that info helps

I read on the borderlands wiki that frozen enemies take from non-cryo weapons, +250% melee, +200% explosive damage (probably for TPS), and +200% critical hit damage.

Unfortunately in BL3 only melee damage is boosted.

The explosive damage boost was only implemented in The Pre Sequel and it was glorious!

My daughter and I played Auralia/Clappy(I was Clap)and it was possibly our most fun(and lethal) playthru combo yet.