I Have a Roid Rough Rider/Performance Enhanced Rough Rider

The Performance enhanced one has +25 reload speed on depleted for extra cheese. Looking for gamma burst annointed weapons.

Recursion(radiation on corrosive)


Redundant brainstormer


Atom balm victory rush/ last stand/Otto idol

Elemental projector with Shock damage or radiation buff

Ase Red Suit

Rak Pak class mod with jakobs/maliwam/Hyperion buffs


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I can spare anointed Maggie and brainstormer for it
Add me : plethoraofcore

Ok added

Do you still roid rough rider?

I do, what you have

Give me a couple, gotta check my vault on your list

Also a annointed recursion if you have

I don’t have it in anointed recursion but it in corrosive also I do have spark plug Otto idol

Oh and also crossroad

Any cutsman, or Maggie with ase annoint

Those are 2 I have

Have a Rakk Pak with weapon damage, Jacobs crit and jacobs damage

Hey I have a gamma burst Maggie, add me.

I have a Atom Balm Otto Idol to trade for roid rough rider. Add me @ Fang0267 if you’re interested

Hey you still need the rough Rider?

What are the bonuses if you don’t mind.

Still have roid rough rider?

I do what you have to trade?, Any jakobs Crit red fang, atom balm artifacts

i have atomic balm static charge

i’ve been farming alot. any other items as well i can keep an eye out for for you