I have a simple question

What is your favorite legendary for each weapon class, shield, Grenade, COM for each character you have played, and Artifact.
For me my favorite guns are
Pistol: Tie between the Flood, the Linage, and the Superball, all are interesting weapons and fun to use
Shotgun: the Butcher or whatever RoadDog drops
AR: Breath of the Dying
SMG: Night Hawkin
Heavy: the Jericho
Sniper: Dont have one yet
COM: For Moze its the legendary bloodletter classmod
Grenade: Moxxi’s Pair
Shield: The Transformer
Artifact: Deathless relic

Let’s see hmm,

Pistol: Chaddddd (Though it’s not a Leg its still my fave, the quest is just too fun and the gun is wicked.)
SMG: Cloudkill
AR: Ogre or Helix
Sniper: Def Lyuda, still my baby.
Heavy: Scourge or Hive really is a tie
Com: Nimbus For Amara
Shield: Brawler Ward
Artifact: Deathless or Grave it’s really a tie here too.

no shotgun yet eh?

I was thinking about that, but I havent really run anything but Brainstormer and Flakker and they’re both kinda eh imo

the flakker would be so good for moze if you didnt have to wait for it for the explosion to fire again

Forgot about the grenade and I’m still using Storm Front and Quasar.

imagine if they had the electric chair grenade in this?

Lightning bolt and Chain lightning from Assualt on Dragon Keep were awesome. Would really like to see them again,

maybe in a later dlc

Have you down the Chad quest with Zane yet? Cause all of Zane’s comments are gold.

Havent got around to playing Zane yet, I started with Moze out of respect for my fellows Roland and Axton, then made Flak and Amara, my buddy is a big player of Zane so I kinda strayed away from it to let him do his thing

That’s fair, I won’t spoil it for but it’s definitely worth the listen when you get there!

Pistol: Superball, Maggie, Flood
Shotgun: hellwalker, one pump chump, trevornator, facepuncher
Sniper: headsplosion
AR: bekah, faisor, shredifier
SMG: haven’t tried any impressive ones yet :frowning: I like maliwan quasars
Heavy: same as SMG. Really want to try the atlas vortex/mirv launcher, haven’t found it yet. Really like vladof heavies too, except for the jericho

Shield: transformer, back ham, big boom blaster. Roid shields are unfortunately shafted in this game.
Relic: Snowdrift, knifedrain
Grenade mod: hex, nagata, quasar
Artifact: dragon for amara

I lovethe hellwalker, mostly for the guitar riff

Pistol: The Companion
SMG: dunno, i don´t really play those
AR: Shredifier/Faisor
Shotgun: Butcher
Sniper: Monocle
Heavy: none
COM: Bloodletter hurr durr
Shield: i run a purple booster shield which drops both shield and health boosters.
Relic: Deathless

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