I have a ton of m10 guns to trade

LF gamma anoints on m10 kaosons, monarchs, and sandhawks. For trade, I have a ton of kaosons, monarchs, sandhawks, opqs, cakes and more. All m10. Also have wide selection of shields, coms, artifacts up for trade. Msg me with the specifics of what you want to trade and I’ll get back to you. Thanks


I have a radiation sandhawk with the 115 gamma annoitment if your still looking

Hey man. I have the gamma rad sand hawk. If there’s anything else in gamma or sntnl cryo you’d be able to offer me, let me know and let me know what you are looking for.

Sorry dude I’ve not got any of the mayhem 6+ new legendarys with either annoitments your looking for yet unfortunately.
I do have a tradelist ongoing with some different things on it if you want a peek,no worries if not :slight_smile:

Hey, dat, I have a STNL corrosive Sandy, if you want. I am ever looking for a 300/90 auto Sandy or Kaoson.
I am conch8

do you have any fire Monarchs?

Yes I would be interested in that corrosive sntnl. In return, I have cryo and fire sand hawk that are autos. Rad is burst. All three have 300 anoint. As for kaosons, I have cryo, rad and kinetic with 300 anoint

I have 2. Sntnl cryo and 1% anoints

Id love the 1%, i have a rad gamma burst sandhawk if you are interested

I have the rad gamma. What’s your gt


Check the mail

Thank you, is there anything you want for it?

Nah I’m pretty set for now. Appreciate the offer though

Do people only trade M10 stuff?

I’m sure there are people that trade stuff that is mayhem 9 and lower. Just have to ask.

Will send burst STNL sandhawk shortly. I would like a 300 auto cryo sandhawk if that’s ok.
Just sent the STNL sandy and also a auto CH corrosive sandy. Cheers!

Would love a shot at a 300 cryo kaoson if you need any of these STNL guns;
Rad Redistributor
Kaoson 2x auto STNL non annoint
Hellshock STNL
Night Hawkin STNL
Shock Cuttsman STNL
Breath of the Dying STNL
Old God shield 19771k, STNL+15 movement speed

GT is conch8


Hey man. Thanks for sending those! I’ll send you that 300 cryo sh. I’m confused, sorry. The guns you listed, are you looking for those or offering them to me? My GT is daturdburglar86. Add me, message me on Xbox so I won’t forget. Let me know exactly what you want and well work something out. My notifications don’t always show up on this forum, but they do on Xbox live. Thanks

How’d you get all those kaosons? On what mayhem level and normal or tvhm?

Lol how do you know how many kaosons I have? Just curious. I play mayhem 10 on tvhm with 3 of my 4 vh. Drop rates, even though they’re still probably messed up, are significantly higher.