I have a UK copy. Can I still download DLC?

I have a UK copy of BL3, and ordered the Super Deluxe Edition (UK version). However, my main account and save file is regioned in the USA.

Can I download the DLC from the disc and play with my save file?

Note: I also have a UK account, but currently playing under my USA account.

The dlc aren’t on the disk. If you’re able to install the game and play it, the dlc should automatically be available for download. If they’re not then you may need to switch accounts. If there’s a key to unlock the dlc then either it’ll work on your US account or it won’t. Shouldn’t hurt to try.

Thanks for your response. My main concern is being able to play the UK DLC on my account that is registered in the USA. I actually tried to download the DLC from the US store and it wouldn’t install (I didn’t know at the time I had a UK copy)

Region locking is one of the dumbest things. Theoretically it “should” work, but chances are you may have to play from your UK account.

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I was thinking that was the worst case scenario when I bought the UK version of the Super Deluxe Edition. Thanks again!