I have a weird head for maya

I have a head for Maya called Bad to the bone . Its a skull. does anyone know where i got it ?

Out of my head i think it is a award from Moxxi Headhunterspack, there’s also a thread somewhere with all the skins ands heads you can get and where you can get them from.

Yeah its not listed anywhere i have looked its very strange no mention at all

if you could look as well n lemme know id appreciate it

I sent you a friend request so i can show it to you im not kiddin i cant find mention of it anywhere

Your find it there

Im not sure i understand the head is called Bad To the Bone there is no skin with it. It is head number 35 in my list

Its between spin the cylinder n can o worms

I found the pic in that list you sent me ! lol Now how did i get it.

I you finisht the mission a match made on pandora in the moxxi’s headhunter pack than it will unlock.