I have a Zane idea

Can we please get a Class Mod that boosts dmg for using One Action Skill?

K… That’s my idea.


Actually having anoint effects “while action skill is active” would be a good and logical idea both for Zane, Moze and Fl4k


Yyy, they are already in game.

I was thinking a more general thing that would work regardless of the particular action skill used.

Oh well op was talking about class mod and I thought “anoint” they are obsessing me lol
I think it will be better to buff the existing Zane class mods that are in a rather sad state right now rather than creating another new one (they already created a powerful one with the dlc)

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Yeah. You got a point. It would be easier to rework what’s already in the game I guess.

Oh really? You have one that gives bonuses for using one action skill instead of two? Hmmm…

My reply was to post above, not yours.
Zane was designed to use two AS, he is more powerful with two on field instead of one.

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I guess the point I’m trying to make is, Zane’s real power relies on using two action skills and Donny Brook right? Or am I missing something here? I’d really like to run a Digi Clone only build on mayhem 3, but the skills in the doubled agent tree even nudge you towards using two action skills instead of one. Maybe I just need the right gear w/ the Digi clone swap anoint. But damn, those are hard to get. In my experience anyways.

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Oh sorry… Guess I’ll just have to come to terms with it. I just find it a bit clunky having to - throw out barrier or SNTNL / then equipping the weapon you want your Digi clone to use and then throwing him out before or during every fire fight. I guess that’s where personal preference comes in to play. If I have a problem with it, don’t use him right? I just leveled up a Moze recently so I’ll see how much I like her.

You make your clone a suicide bomber and treat him like a grenade, now you can use ASE end buffs on your shield and nade.
Closest thing atm.

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That sounds pretty cool actually. Lol

Eh, it’s okay… Definitely a more difficult play style in my experience…

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Yeah? Well I’m not looking for a more difficult experience I guess. Wanna have fun.

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More difficult than seeing dead with drone and barrier yes, difficult to master not really.
I’m sure there’s easy to use builds around this concept on YouTube.

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Skills/coms that encourage 1 action skill zane would be really interesting actually! Zane needs more build diversity atm(?) like, drastically buff one AS instead of having two! rn theres no reason to not use 2 of them.

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