I have always had "trouble" with Brick, until

I have been playing Borderlands since around 2018. And my Brick character got killed on playthrough 2.5 alot… alot alot.

Well, I have finally figured out how to do well with brick.

I bought myself a “bombardier” class mod with a regenerate rockets trait.

Soooo… Now I am kicking butt with Rocket Launchers


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Is there a kind of launcher you like with Bombardier?

I should probably do the same the next time I play Brick on BL1. Like you I always died a lot more often when I played Brick than with other characters, but abusing rocket ammo regen sounds like it could help a lot.

I’ve been running Brick up through Pt.2 with a Bombardier. Can I find a rocket launcher to go with it though? :blrage:

Well, I currently have two launchers, and I just find them as loot. I can’t wait to get to the goodies at the end of General Knox.

My ultimate goal is to get FOUR rocket launchers.


I’ve tried Brick like three times, and all of them felt really weird. Later I understood why, as every post about Brick being fun was people saying “get Bombardier COM”.

Which is sadly just a testament that Brick ain’t that awesome, if that’s the only way to play him. Because with other 3 characters, you can make a lot more things/builds work.

Maybe this is because Brick was the last one added, since original game was supposed to have 3 characters only, back when Roland looked more like Zed, Lilith looked like Steele and Mordecai looked like Reaver.

Blast Master Brick is very fun and can be tailored to what kind of guns you prefer. Personally, this is by far my favorite way to play him as sniping with the Torgue Cobra never gets old. Centurion Brick turns Fight For Your Life into a lifestyle. Titan Brick makes getting killed amusingly difficult due to Unbreakable looping. Melee Brick is very viable for the majority of the game.

Bombardier is only fun in specific situations. It is ironic you mentioned it as it has more difficulty than melee.

Melee Brick had trouble with the tougher enemies in playthrough 2.5 but it worked very well for me. I carried explosive weapons with me just so I could attack from range if needed. When I played through this with my father (he used Roland) I used Brick and what made him pretty useful throughout was that he could tank well and being in FFYL wasn’t always so bad with him due to Diehard allowing him to stay there for longer drawing aggro.

Overall, Melee Brick definitely works but with multiple players with you, it can be harder since enemies are tougher.