I have always had "trouble" with Brick, until

I have been playing Borderlands since around 2018. And my Brick character got killed on playthrough 2.5 alot… alot alot.

Well, I have finally figured out how to do well with brick.

I bought myself a “bombardier” class mod with a regenerate rockets trait.

Soooo… Now I am kicking butt with Rocket Launchers


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Is there a kind of launcher you like with Bombardier?

I should probably do the same the next time I play Brick on BL1. Like you I always died a lot more often when I played Brick than with other characters, but abusing rocket ammo regen sounds like it could help a lot.

I’ve been running Brick up through Pt.2 with a Bombardier. Can I find a rocket launcher to go with it though? :blrage:

Well, I currently have two launchers, and I just find them as loot. I can’t wait to get to the goodies at the end of General Knox.

My ultimate goal is to get FOUR rocket launchers.