I have an awfull idea

I have an awfull idea, but i don’t know why exactly awfull. I want to hear your opinions about it.

The idea is, i bealieve every vault hunter should be playable at once. I personally reached a point when i dosen’t really care wich character do i use, so i want them at once. Of course with increased enemies.
My number one motive is, when i began to play with bl i played with my brother. He dosen’t like borderlands 3 that much unfortunatly, so i have to play alone. I would like to see every character on the scene and not only one.

I can came up with things against this idea, but all of them is kinda a lame excuse.


I like it, I’m just tryna figure out how to use 4 controllers at once :sweat_smile:

You pause the game (like when you open your invertory) and you change your character.

I think this game is enough of a mutant already to introduce such a concept on top of it.

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We could fuse all 4 VH’s, when you activate your action skill you Phasegrasp and enemy with TTB, enter Fade Away while you and your Digi Clone are jumping into Iron Bear and Digi Bear.


The only thing that keeps my Amara in check is damage. If she had access to Zane’s barrier, or the ability to Fade Away, have a pet taunt, or escape into iron bear, she’d be unkillable. I like it!

What I’d really like is the ability to have more elemental options. But then, Amara with rad would be OP.

I wish my Amara had my FL4K’s single target damage lmao

Or FL4K had Zane’s Barrier. . .

I wish Flak could have Zane’s drone. I hate how loud and annoying their pets are. No matter what I’m doing, they get in the way and you can’t dismiss them unless you respec.

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Thinking Dragon Age Inquisition (never completed, or progressed in it. Also the only Dragon Age game I played), as in how the player and player team works. Also thinking if gearbox is even capable to do that considering their method for making content harder is just increasing the number of bullets required to kill.

Anyone here remember Clive Barker’s Jericho? Four characters went into the fray with their respective action skills, and you could take control of any given one at any time. Ones you weren’t in control of did their own bot thing.


Fast And Furious (yeah, I know) Crossroads has similar mechanic too - you have team of vehicles. Each member has a different skillshot. I liked the idea, but not the… ugh… the game.

Borderlands would be a great testing groud for the idea. Knowing GBX, we will get this by Borderlands 7.

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