I have an idea for borderlands 3

(Before you read this know there will be errors )
So i was thinking to myself a new borderlands 3 would be pretty hip and i just got thinking about a story and then it hit me what if the game would start like any regular will you have a misson/guest from like marcus or someome else , then on that quest you end up getting kidnapped by bandits and two poeple go to save you , 1 being lilth and the other being a certain someome’s son , and then you have a choice in who to follow rather it be lilith or the stranger and depending on who you follow will be the story you line you choose , both with alternive ending

I don’t know it was just a thought but then i was like wow i really wanna place this

How will this work for the multiple playthroughs then? Do you pick one story line at the beginning of each playthrough, or do you pick one and you’re stuck with it for that entire save-file? How does this effect side quests? Does this effect what loot you get as rewards?

I would assume it would be like playing two diffirent versions of the same game

Are asking like for multiplayer ?

Somewhat. But also what if you wanted to do one quest line on PT1, the other on PT2, then pick your favorite quest line for PT3?

That would be like the clan war with ellie , honestly that would be great, and then at the end of the story you choose who’s side you really wanna be on , instead of them forcing you to be on theirs, like an RPG

Yeah, but what if there is different loot or side missions for each quest line? Like if you liked the storyline for Lilith more but the mystery man’s son line had better rewards? What would be done then? Or, since you brought up multiplayer, if one person likes Lilith but the other player hates her, what happens then?

And also what would happen if you picked one quest line but then joined someone who picked the other one?

Mulitplayer would be just like the regular one from bl2 like if you join someome with a doffrent story , when you do that story the missons will be done already

Hold on is this kind of topic not better suited for a “general topic’s forum?”