I have an idea to create a crossover associated with Sirena Maya

I could put the wrong category, I still do not understand. I want to transfer Maya to another game universe, there she will not be a Siren and will be an ordinary person, there she will not be with Krieg, but with a character invented by me. But I have doubts, since it can be plagiarism, although I read that the crossover was ripping or fan fiction, I am not plagiarizing, but in any case, secondly, many players see her with Krieg, and there will be a different character, therefore I recently asked if Mai and Krieg’s relationship is canonical, and thirdly, I should probably come up with my character and not take it from other games. I want to know what anyone thinks about this.

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Is it for profit?

This. Especially if she is not going to be a Siren.

no not for profit

This is understandable, but there is not there that I want to create cannot be supernatural,

You probably already started but as long as its not profit and it is original story it will fall under fair use so go nuts.

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I have only a sketch, but based on your answer, can I continue?

Yes. Sir

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