I Have Been Negged By Tannis!

I did something amazing.

I beat Tannis, in the brains department, with her very own designed Borderlands Science arcade machine in her lab.

She was not happy.
She was not a great loser, but she was a funny good loser :wink:

Hope all of you enjoy this email I got after doing a billion butt microbe puzzle arrangements (yeah, it’s like that with Tannis).

Just finished the main story line yesterday, too. So, woot!
Stay Crazy, ya’ll!



How dare you

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why you would HACK the science machine to give yourself a high score. Being a scientist of unlimited wisdom and intelligence–I dumped all my stats there, which is why I have the relative constitution, dexterity, and charisma of an elderly pedophile with leprosy–I know it is a physical impossibility that you managed to earn such a score on your own. YOU? Outsmart ME? Don’t make me laugh so hard that my intestinal tract ruptures. I have attached a purely cosmetic present to this email, as a passive-aggressive means of suggesting your fashion sense leaves something to be desired. That’s right–I have both complimented and insulted you simultaneously. This is negging. You have been negged.

Gift: Neon Predator


Congrats! That’s awesome!


Oh wow, I don’t think I knew that was a thing. Is that after some fixed amount of puzzles? I think I’m still in True Tannis mode (I have been nursing the Brain Nanobots hard leveling my crew up).

Also, that’s a great bit for the head. :laughing:

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What does it look like?

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You get 4 heads and 4 skins for each Vault Hunter by beating everybody at the Science Machine. All cosmetics will be sent in mail.