I have Binary Mocking Kyb's Worth

Binary Mocking Kyb’s Worth

  • Fire/Ice element
  • ASE Splash Damage increase

I want a Binary Kyb’s Worth with Radiation and Ice element. Annointed I won’t be too picky with. Let me know what Kyb Worth you have

Edit: Radiation/Acid or Radiation/Ice. This is most important I want

I have a fire/cryo…I really want a shock/corrosive

Sorry. What I put on my opening post is what I have and what kind of Kyb’s Worth I’m looking for. That’s no good for me

I got this one with 125% splash damage ASE I can send you

I have this one but I want one binary

Ah, mine is not binary. Similar stats to yours, but I didnt get the projectile speed roll on it

I appreciate your offer though, this one has been really tough to find

It’s a specific role on a weak drop rate. Goodluck buddy! I’ll keep you in mind if I come across one

Guys. Take it to private message. If one wants the gun please create your own topic.

Back on topic I still need this gun. Reply if you will help me on the elements I need

Thanks, will do the same