I have Borderlands 3: Super Deluxe Edition

But I’m not getting the season pass 2 in game stuff & want to know why I’m not seeing it in game?

Season Pass 2 is not included in Super Deluxe edition.

Ignore ^ the mod lol…
you will receive the cosmetic pack for the vault hunters & Mayhem 11

I thought the guys on the Borderlands show said it was?!

I think they didn’t said that.

SP2 = Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut, and it’s not included in Super Deluxe.

The new models and M11 are not part of SP2, they are just new content. M11 is free for everyone, and new models for SP1/2 and new releases owners.

I’ll wait till it’s on sale then cause 30$ is to high for just different modes & no additional story

Where is the location to pay for season 2 pass, is it up yet as far as purchasing goes?

So i own the Super deluxe edition got the hotfix but until now no new models
How do i recive it ?

Same here got super deluxe and i dont have new skins?

Not sure how exactly it works on PC, but on PS4 you need to download them separately.

PC here i tried to uninstalled dlc5 and installed again not worked…and if i send to support it will take me like 10+ days to get an answer…

It’s not a part of DLC5. Just type in store search Borderlands 3 final form pack and if you own SP1/2 it should be free to download.

Ok i see cheers for that! But im in Epic store i found that and it say that i need to buy? Should i contact the Epic support?

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I’m on PS4 so can’t help with that.

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well anyway tnx for the help :slight_smile:

NVM. Misunderstood.