I have confirmed reports

that gearbox own the network and server for this game

the jerks at ubisoft don’t to tell me or help me to put the server for endwar on pc online again
but u gearbox guys can put ps3 online ??? thats NOT fair

Huh? Do you have some proof for that? It seems pretty far-fetched…




ps3 is online and facebook guy said and ubisoft them selfs said its gearbox

I’m sorry @reiniergroen, but this seems as though it may be inaccurate if not completely speculative.

Gearbox officially lists every game they’re involved with, as they’d have no incentive not to, or to run a server for a game released nearly a decade ago.

Oh, well that settles it - I guess? Can’t access the Facebook link as it says I need to login, but I don’t have a Farcebook account and I really can’t see any good reason for getting one!

I JUST SAID ubisoft just said it to me u guys own the server…

That is forum for original EW. I doubt you will ever see PC or Xbox server online again. Only reason PS3 still survives is because of fan base. Frankly PS3 had been down for several months. I was surprised when it came back on, on Valentines. Possible 3rd party responsible for EW PS3 is Gearbox.

So, dialling down the emotions a bit…

If Ubisoft PAID Gearbox to host servers for PS3 Endwar, isn’t it still Ubisoft’s decision whether or not to put the PC version back on-line as well? It’s still their (Ubisoft’s) intellectual property after all.

And maybe they are working on the PC side of things, but it’s taking longer. After all, GBX does have experience after getting Borderlands 1 back on-line with PS3 after the original gamespy servers went dark (and that took quite a while!)

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go ask them…

And weirdly enough, I just got spammed with an ad for Tom Clancy’s The Division.

(At a different account to the one associated with the Gearbox forums - don’t want anyone jumping to conclusions that these events are actually related. One of those odd coincidences, none-the-less.)


so no one wants to help…

I’m not sure anyone can help here. Nothing looks to me like it confirms anything, you have a mod from Ubisoft forums saying ‘maybe’.

To my knowledge, gearbox don’t run servers for other companies games. Even if they did, it’s ubisofts decision, isn’t it? (As mentioned above)

Against my better judgement, however, I’ll see if I can find some kind of answer for you. I can’t guarantee anything, since you might be completely off track, and gearbox are under no obligation to discuss any of their assets.

ok thanks…

just please help me find out who owns the servers for endwar on PC because its still there
its just in suspended mode

If you have the URL for the server(s), you can perform a lookup to find more information, including the IP addresses. If you’re familiar with terminal applications and command line tools like whois or host, this is easy. There are also any number of websites that will provide similar information. This one comes to mind: http://www.geektools.com/whois.php

Once you have the IP address, you can then do a reverse lookup to see which company is hosting the servers.

That may or may not help, though. Ultimately, the game belongs to Ubisoft: if it happens to be sitting on servers in some data hosting company, that company can’t just turn everything back on.

I see two possibilities here: either Ubisoft is currently working with someone to get the PC service re-established; or, they don’t believe it’s worth it. In the latter case, all you can really do is rally other fans of the game to sign a petition or write to Ubisoft.

Hi @reiniergroen

EW is, as you know, a Ubisoft title. As such, we don’t have any control over what they choose to do with it. I recommend continuing to voice your concerns on their forums so their team can see it more easily. Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling: