I have discovered a fantastic way to replay Borderlands 2

I’m sure there’s a few people like me out there; you’ve played BL2 for hundreds of hours, beaten the game countless times, and the entire script is now firmly implanted into your brain.

Well fret not, for there is still a way you can enjoy playing through the game casually.

Simply mute the dialogue, turn off subtitles, and turn off player callouts.

All of a sudden you’re free from the cringe inducing jokes, boring conversations, and Claptrap.

You can give the music a good listen, or even stick your own choons on. You can appreciate the finely crafted punchy sound EFX. It’s like a whole new game.

Dear Gearbox, please delete all the dialogue you’ve written for Borderlands 3. This is a much better way to play.

p.s. this also adds a nice new level of challenge, as you usually can’t hear melee enemies approaching you from behind.

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Free from Claptrap? You’re not playing Borderlands bro.


I love all of that; Claptrap makes me laugh.

Hopefully they won’t.

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And not hearing Gaige go maniacal? You’re certainely missing out if you do turn it off.

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I’ll admit, I’m pretty sick of the story dialogue, but I can never get enough Claptrap, Zer0, Gaige, Maya, Krieg, etc. I love all their lines. (and other noises)

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One of the features that truly makes Borderlands a great game is… drumrollTHE DIALOGUE

I will never get tired of the crazy dialogue that come from Marauders, Psychos and Goliaths. Cracks me up every time! :laughing: Borderlands without sound… :scream: What’s next? Fotball without the actual ball? No thanks! Not for me!


So with you. I don’t always pay much attention to all the story dialogue anymore (and disabled those Sanctuary cutscenes without looking back) but would never ever mute the chance to hear a Psycho soliloquy Hamlet. The writing is really something in BL2.

I generally find it pretty easy to tune out the stuff I don’t like (because I’ve heard it a gazillion times already), but there’s some that I definitely want to keep hearing.

One thing that made it fresh for me was playing TPS; I see Claptrap’s dialogue in a whole new light after completing the Claptastic Voyage DLC.


I play with the volume turned down out of courtesy for my household. I do the majority of my gaming during my son’s naps or while the fam is still sleeping and I’m tearing up Pandora around 5-6am. So I actually miss a lot of dialogue and am forced to read subtitles. But, that is just my environment.

Having my volume low also helps with cooping and party chat. no background or residual noises to deal with.

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Um… headset?

I have one. That is how I communicate while cooping. Headphones rather, would not allow me to hear my wife when calling, or my son chatting away while he runs around the living room. I like to live in the moment while gaming. My love for Borderlands has not been sacrificed by the love for my family. and Vice Versa. :relaxed: This is my happy medium.

I actually expected someone to throw the headset/headphones out there. :wink:

Play in german, game dialog is better and claptrap isnt as annoying.

That sounds like a solid plan actually. I’d play in Japanese, but my character of choice is Gaige, and I don’t want everyone else in the house to think I’m watching smut.

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The only part I play with sound is campaign of carnage because reasons. It is really boring to listen the same thing time after time.
Also, I dont like Roland.

I think I have some videos where the game is in german.
I tend to record in english for obvious reasons.