I have figured out why we can't find other peoples games in matchmaking

have any of you tried changing your network options from freinds only to public i just saw this and had to laugh

I’ve done it about 10 times now. No one has randomly joined.

check presequal i have one open in matchmaking

if a person is OP 2 or 3 and over, then the game has a glitch that affects that person when hosting an “Open Game”, the game does not show up in match making

or this below

and it also depends on the times that you are playing the game, might not be many people on during those times

This, although tiny correction. If you are OP4 and above, you won’t show up

there is a known matchmaking issue in the handsome collection overall. Gearbox recognizes the issue but does not have a ETA on a fix.

This is absolutely an error on their end not ours. I haven’t been joined by…or seen a SINGLE match in the browser for BL2 or BLPS the entire time I have been playing and it doesnt matter if im level 50 or level 10.

Ya matchmaking works for TPS but not BL2

yes i have done everything possible now and, like everyone else is saying, the issue is most definitely not solvable on our end but is inherent for BL2 itself

Hello every one!!!

Just wanted to let people know, after manyyyyy months of trying… yesterday finally it seems matchmaking started working again. Not as it used to on 360, but i manged to join games and people keep joining in for hours. It seems its starting to get back.

I was very angry at gearbox for this, but i did had a blast yesterdya playing online, so just here to spread the word and get people playing again.

One thing i did change: Im from panama, but i have had always my region to US. I tried this before with no results , but a few days ago i changed my region settings to colombia ( next to panama as apnama is not listed). I dont know if it had something to do or not.

Hope everyone else can find mathcking.

Still nothing for me on borderlands 2 from the handsome jack collection on the xbox one its not really showing any games in match making or quick match for me.