I have great friends

Went to visit friends that I’ve known for 25+ years now and aside from seeing the latest Star Wars movie didn’t really expect too much (after all this time it’s kind of hard to surprise me). They first asked if I had an Xbox One, to which I said no. They then gave me a small bag with Fallout 4 and Shadows of Mordor- which happen to be XBox One games. They gave me a larger box- which contained an XBox One :heart_eyes: I think I might be trading in some older games to get the Handsome Collection. I have great friends…:joy:


Wow! That’s awesome for sure. I’ve been thinking of upgrading to ps4 myself. Some people have told me that the graphics are better and that the load screens are faster. I’m not sure what your running now but I would be curious to know what you think.

Also I seen the triple play for Xbox where you get every game. Just not sure if bl1 has been remastered like 2 was, But you can’t beat the deal for the whole package.


Definitely will :smile: Plan exchange some older games this weekend for the HC and start fresh with the first 2 characters I tried- Sal and Zero (talk about extreme and opposite styles :sunglasses:)… The PS3 is the rare gaming system I didn’t/don’t have so upgrading from it to the PS4 would be unknown to me, but if you can go for it…