I have had it with this lag!

yes there are allot of people saying this but.
i payed for this game and i cant even play it why
AUS has the worst servers ever and i dont think they have one so plz gearbox make AUS servers.

i think they should stop making a dlc for this game and release AUS severs

message by ben/XKingLordX Gaming

Yeah you are right, I’ve many friends from Australia and they are getting immense amount of lag in their game because of lag spikes, jitters and random disconnections. Though, I was also getting a lot of internet and fps lag with the game.

Right now, I am playing Battleborn with Kill Ping, it’s really working great for me. At least I am able to control the disconnections and jitter problem though, lag is somewhere still there but it’s totally bearable for me. You can check their guide on How to fix Battleborn Lag http://www.killping.com/blog/guide-to-reduce-lag-in-battleborn/

I hope this helps you. Also, if you like you can try my account with the game.