I have lost all my saves (SOLVED)

Edit: I found where my saves were by searching “.sav” in my file explorer and copying them over to my OneDrive “SaveGames” folder. The saves got lost in transit during a drive transfer. I ended up getting all four of my characters back as well as everything else on my account.


I took a pretty long break from BL3 and wanted to get back into it today. Only to realize that all four of my level 65 characters are gone, replaced by a singular old level 50 Amara from a long time ago.

I have no idea what to do. I think my saves were backed up to one-drive but I have no idea how to access them if they are.

You should be able to see your OneDrive as an option in the file explorer window.

Yes my OneDrive is in my file explorer, but when I navigate over to my SaveGames, I only see one save game.

Is there anything in the equivalent folder on your main drive? And is this Steam or Epic?

search your computer for .sav and .bak files if you find one
rename it to a new different save file name and copy it to your current save file folder then start game and see if you have a new character

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I am on Epic

Hey so that actually worked, I found what looks like my four main saves in a folder called LocalSavebackup. They are located on the wrong drive though. Coming to think of it, somewhere in-between the time that I wasn’t playing BL3 I transferred over some games to make space on my boot drive (BL3 being one of them).

So the game is currently located on my (E:) drive, and the four saves are on my (C:) drive. You mentioned copying them to my current save file folder? would that just be the one located in “This PC > Documents > My Games > Borderlands 3 > Saved > SaveGames” then the file with my level 50 char?

Also there are 5 other files in there all named something with my desktop name.sav.

check the date on the files first and hope they are actually bl3 files other games also use the .sav extension

yes that should be the correct location just rename them to something like nnn.sav making sure there no duplicate names and copy them over
those other files you mentioned might also be old bl3 saves you might rename them also

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this link might help some

did you ever play bl3 on steam?

one last thing that should have been first you have checked the load character screen to see what files are available, right?

No I have only ever played on Epic

did any of the dates look right? there is also your profile to consider that stores your bank and keys and stuff common to all characters

I am pretty sure I actually got it.

I just copied all of the files over to my SaveGames folder on OneDrive and they popped up. Money, bank, SDU’s, etc. Thank you so much for the suggestion of searching my File explorer, that definitely saved me.

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glad it helped now from now on backup your files LOL