I have mentioned this before and this bug should really get fixed

There is one thing that just HAS to be fixed and has been broken from release.

When you set ships to guard another ship they will stop moving if the ship they are set to guard gets into a fight.

Example: I have a BC and two destroyers halfway across the map from me and I set a group of 6 frigates to guard the BC. The frigates will immediately start moving to where the BC is located. BUT! If the BC gets into a fight the frigates will STOP MOVING and sit in one spot waiting for the BC to stop fighting. Once the BC finishes fighting the frigates will start moving towards the BC again.

If the frigates are close enough to the BC, about 3 BC lengths, they will move and follow/guard the BC even if it is in a fight. If the frigates get just a little bit too far away from the BC and the BC is in a fight the frigates will stop dead and the water and stop guarding.

HW2, guarding never acted like this. If you guarded a ship it would follow to then ends of the earth no matter what. I have hyperspaced a BC and destroyers into a fight knowing the frigates would follow in HW2 classic. Now that never happens the frigates will just sit there. BTW, this happened to ANY ship from fighters to the BC. Any ship set to guard another will stop moving as soon as the guarded ship get into a fight and they are too far away.


There are some buggy behaviors in the guard system. Not sure I’d this is the only one, but it’s a major one.

This has happened to me a few times during tense moments where an engagement has taken a turn for the worst and I’m left wondering why reinforcements still haven’t arrived, followed quickly by realisation and exasperation.

Yeah, it’s totally annoying. You basically have to select those units and force them to move to get close to whatever ship they are supposed to be guarding. Then when close enough tell them to guard again. Someone seriously broke the guarding code when they were updating HW:R.