I have most game items in their best variations, but still LF some


Fire Butcher 100%/250%/300% dmg
Headsplosion crit dmg while terrified
Fire Dictator x6 100%dmg/Extra projectile while terrified/Crit dmg while terrified
Fire Cutsman 130% dmg after swapping clone
Molten Lyuda with big mag size 130% dmg after swapping clone/100% dmg rakk attack
God roll executor (+4/+5 in Playing Dirty and 25%weapon dmg+smg(or assault rifle) dmg+mag size or action skill)
Anointed One Pump Chump crit dmg while terrified(1400%+ dmg)

Snowdrift Victory Rush or Otto Idol With !IMPORTANT! Action skill+smg/assault dmg+mag size Only!!!
Atom Balm Victory Rush god roll Mag size+smg/assault dmg(or action skill cooldown)+rad dmg
Cutpurse Victory Rush/Otto Idol - Area of Effect Damage+grenade dmg/heavy dmg/mag size/shield recharge delay
Fire Stone Commander Planetoid with melee damage+mag size+CDR/shotgun dmg

Also lf God Roll Mods/Artifacts(jakobs amara prefer)

If you have what i lf, pm me or dm me in discord Frostbunny#2693

do you have face puncher with digi-clone ammo regen?