I have never lost in a game so much before BB

I get being new to a game, but this is just…wow. I think I have like a 6-30+ record right now in PvP. I don’t even get it right now. I’ve stuck mainly to Kleese and toss stuff out everywhere I can and it’s just no good. I know he’s not bad so it’s not him, and I’m pretty sure it’s not ENTIRELY me as I haven’t had this bad of a record in any other FPS style game.

It’s just…wow. Feels bad man lol.


The thing I find is that it could be your play style, since I have seen plenty of characters like Boulder absoulty wreck, but when I try them I am horrible. Then there are some characters like Isic that I can do really well with but see other players do poorly.

Kleese is also a “complex” character, so you could try out story mode and see how it goes there. You could also give other characters a try see if you are better at any of them.

I remember when my brother tried the beta and could win a single game, even though he was doing decently. Its sometimes the luck of the draw at the start and soon you can shift the game in your favor once you have better experience.

I’m already level 11 with Kleese, he’s really not that complex. Putting Rifts up is not some deep strategy lol. Either you hide them behind walls for shield stations or you branch out offensively with them, Network seems like a must pick mutation as well for them.

Laser Snipe is also a ridiculous mutation. With a shield farm set up on you, you can out shoot another ranged as long as you keep hitting.

Like I said though I know it’s not Kleese, he’s fine, I dunno. It could be that I only play Incursion really as well, perhaps I should branch out to the other modes for awhile.

I think another good reason is that usually, in PVP focused games, there are more players per team, so you can effectively go missing. When there is only 5 of you, and 3 have just ran off to get themselves killed in the middle from the very first second (which happens a lot in my experience), then you’ve lost. You’re often left alone collecting all of the shards, killing all minions, building everything, racking up a big score but ultimately losing.

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It’s a team game. That’s really what throws people, most other “team games” like battlefield and whatever can really be just WRECKED by a good player until you get into 50+ player games. Synergy between characters is key, communication pulls everything together… why do you think people just give up when set up against premades? Calling targets, setting up traps, catching people trying to escape, calling people who expose themselves to get focused, and being able to just at once call out and get a cohesive push from 5 people just… blows people who aren’t talking to pieces.

If your team is just giving it away, you can’t even really 1v1 people because they outlevel you. It’s sad how often I see umbra and miko on a team in a pub and jump on a tank class to spend the entire game having to travel back to base to heal and having more healing done with my health regen than either of them. What’s battleborn’s slogan? Play together or die alone? Pretty much that.


This game is very difficult to win PvP matches if you play with out a team. Like 95% of casual gamers do.