I have new fl3k class mod and new dlc weapons

Looking for terror (extra projectile, fire rate, crit) Maggie, layuda, Lucian (only crit), or Rowan’s (only crit

I have a corrosive lyuda (x2) with extra projectile…among other things (we’ve traded a few times already).

Hit me up

I will once i get home from work

Gotcha, make sure to check again because I will be adding as a progress.

Nice you’re stacking lol. How long you going to be on for?

Can’t say for certain (at least an hour). When you thinking of hopping on?

probably in about 20-30 mins. I should have a decent new moze mod waiting for me in the mailbox (fingers crossed)

I’m loving the stats on some of these guns.

I have extra projectile and fire rate Maggie’s.

Gamertag: EU Edgey

You available now? If not I’ll be on tommorow.

I can mail you them if that’s easier.

I’d trade you this sl4ckbot for your nukem.

No thanks, already got one like that. You got anything else that may entice me (looking for a good creamer or ion cannon too)?

Ooooo, heartbreaker, I’m interested.

Ok that’s fine. Heartbreaker for the nukem. We just traded the other day. Gt aleszander77

Not to mention, I’d give you a kings call epc for the +5 green monster mod.

Gotcha, out for lunch ATM. Be back in an hour and a half.