I have no clue what I am doing

So I have been playing BL but really sporadically…maybe I play for a few hours and then dont play for a couple weeks. Anyway, I am have a level 47 Mordecai, I have finished one play through and just finished the robot revolution DLC. I have to admit I have no idea what I am doing in this game even after all this.

Firstly, my class mods do not seem to add anything to my skill points. For instance, I have a gunslinger mod that adds +3 to deadly but I can never seem to get more than the 5 points in that skill. Am I getting those extra points but not able to see them add in?

Secondly, the level of the gear does not seem that relevant. Everything for the last 10 levels or so has been either a level 37 or a level 43…and I seem to be able to get by more or less the same with either. Is this the result of some game mechanic that I am overlooking that is forcing everything to be 37 or 43? I am getting by using really grindy shooter techniques like running around object and peeking out to take pot shots but this is really pretty boring. For example, the only way I was able to beat that end boss in the robot revolution was to hide in that shack and take some shots while it was circling around. Obviously…very boring and I had to basically use up every bit of ammo so I cant believe this is the intended way to beat that tank thing. Not to mention, bloodwing just kind of flutters around without attacking.

Anyway, any clarification on this would be much appreciated.

Yes. You get them, but it doesn’t indicate it like in BL2 and TPS.

You might be overleveled and the set rarity for gear has not caught up to you yet. That’s all I can think of. But in BL1, the level is much less important than in BL2 or TPS because of the game’s linear scaling. Just roll with whatever you find.

You have to have an enemy’s entire body on the screen. Blood has very stupid AI, you just have to get used to how he works. @Kitty_Jo can give you detailed advice on how to make him work properly.

Yeah, MINAC’s a pain in the ass. You did what pretty much everyone else does.

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Yeah, sounds like you’re hella overleveled, and since PT1 doesn’t scale to your level, that’s why you’re getting low level loot.
In order to fix that, I’d jump into PT2(if you haven’t unlocked it, go after the final boss) and go through the story missions. The level you’re at is very close to where ending PT2 is advised, so I’d not do much in the way of side missions. Also, some boss drops will scale to your level once you finish PT2, so it is worth it to skip some certain bosses/quests.

There are some reasons to not finish PT2 and go onto 2.5, but for the most part getting into 2.5 will scale the world to you.
(exclusion is Knoxx’s, as you need to finish his story to get him to scale to you)

[THE PART WHERE I REPEAT MYSELF FOR I AM SUPER SMART]I’d say get into/through PT2 as quickly as possible, and jump immediately into Knoxx’s and play through it. When you’re done with Knoxx, you’ll have the entire world scaled to your level.