I have no idea what i'am doing @_@

Umm…testing??? (I think thats at least 20 characters.)

Also this is razor btw (Thought i was some sort of robbit, didn’t ya? :P)
Also how do i edit posts?

@mnetjoke There’s a pencil icon somewhere that alows the use of edit posts.

Edit: next to the link and flag symbol on the bottom of the post.

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Alright thanks Astro.
(So how do i quote? :3)

You highlight some text of the post then a pop up will appear saying something like quote post. It’ll auto throw it into a new post after you press it.

I’ll figure it out eventually i guess.

It doesn’t take a long time to get used to. I like the new quote function a lot. If you want to embed images or youtube videos just drop the full URL into the post and it will auto format.

When i highlight stuff, it just gives me the options of copying, selecting all, or define.

Left click mouse at start of needed quote. Drag mouse over text. Release left mouse button. Press quote reply button. Profit?

We mobile peasants do not know of what is this “left-click” that you speak of? :3

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Sometimes my tablet wont bring up the quote option when I highlight. Reloading usually fixes it.

There is also an option in your preferences (found in your profile) to disable or enable quote highlighting. Make sure that option is enabled.

Alright now I got it, It was disabled, thanks Kitty.
(Now do you know how to change the username so that i’am not using my email for it?)

Thatll be in your preferences as well. The first option if I am not mistaken :slight_smile:

You can’t click on it though :confused:

Took awhile to notice that it was you. Anyway, welcome aboard on this secretly secret board of labrats.

Did you click/touch the little pencil?

Theres no pencil for it, only for my avatar and email that theres a pencil.

Well if you dont have the option, I mean, I could change it for you if you trust me. Youd just have to let me know exactly what you want your name to be. As in Ill copy/pasta it just be be as precise as possible.

I don’t mind, if you can change it to razorxscooter2 i’ll be happy. Just tell me if you need me to do anything on my side :slight_smile:

Done! :slight_smile: No need for you to do anything except enjoy your name now.

Its weird you wernt able to change it yourself though. Hopefully thats not a common occurrence.