I have no idea what i'am doing @_@

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Umm…testing??? (I think thats at least 20 characters.)

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Also this is razor btw (Thought i was some sort of robbit, didn’t ya? :P)
Also how do i edit posts?

(Heyoo!) #3

@mnetjoke There’s a pencil icon somewhere that alows the use of edit posts.

Edit: next to the link and flag symbol on the bottom of the post.

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Alright thanks Astro.
(So how do i quote? :3)

(Heyoo!) #5

You highlight some text of the post then a pop up will appear saying something like quote post. It’ll auto throw it into a new post after you press it.

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I’ll figure it out eventually i guess.

(Heyoo!) #7

It doesn’t take a long time to get used to. I like the new quote function a lot. If you want to embed images or youtube videos just drop the full URL into the post and it will auto format.

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When i highlight stuff, it just gives me the options of copying, selecting all, or define.

(Heyoo!) #9

Left click mouse at start of needed quote. Drag mouse over text. Release left mouse button. Press quote reply button. Profit?

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We mobile peasants do not know of what is this “left-click” that you speak of? :3

(Watcher on the wall) #11

Sometimes my tablet wont bring up the quote option when I highlight. Reloading usually fixes it.

There is also an option in your preferences (found in your profile) to disable or enable quote highlighting. Make sure that option is enabled.

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Alright now I got it, It was disabled, thanks Kitty.
(Now do you know how to change the username so that i’am not using my email for it?)

(Watcher on the wall) #13

Thatll be in your preferences as well. The first option if I am not mistaken :slight_smile:

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You can’t click on it though :confused:

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #15

Took awhile to notice that it was you. Anyway, welcome aboard on this secretly secret board of labrats.

(Watcher on the wall) #16

Did you click/touch the little pencil?

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Theres no pencil for it, only for my avatar and email that theres a pencil.

(Watcher on the wall) #18

Well if you dont have the option, I mean, I could change it for you if you trust me. Youd just have to let me know exactly what you want your name to be. As in Ill copy/pasta it just be be as precise as possible.

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I don’t mind, if you can change it to razorxscooter2 i’ll be happy. Just tell me if you need me to do anything on my side :slight_smile:

(Watcher on the wall) #20

Done! :slight_smile: No need for you to do anything except enjoy your name now.

Its weird you wernt able to change it yourself though. Hopefully thats not a common occurrence.