I have no idea what i'am doing @_@

Thank you Kitty :clock730:
(Also either it hates me and doesn’t want me figuring how to work the forums, or its some sort of higher ups exclusive :3)

I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing either!

So, if a person wants to interject a comment into a topic that isn’t a direct reply to a specific post, is there some general “reply to thread”? Is that what the “Reply” button does if you didn’t select any text as a quote? Guess I’ll find out soon enough…

Ah, I see that my guess was correct!

See, none of us do.

Also there’s a ‘daily limit’? what the ■■■■ is this?

Well, this is definitely different isn’t it. :wink:

I’m sure everyone will get the hang of it pretty quick. But, it is a huge change from the norm.

Yeah, and new users can only reply 3 times to a topic.

So there cannot be a designated ‘shitpost here’ thread, to gain trust.

That needs to be fixed.

Hey Damien! You should PM Jeff to get your mod’dom.

Hi there Kitty. :slight_smile:
Yes, I just noticed my purpleness is not all… purple.

Fixed – purple jacket activated.

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I feel whole again.

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I was having the same issue as it seemed by scrolling over the reply you’d be involving that post.
Glad I found your post VH101. :smile: