I have not played for a number of months(since December ish)

and its very disappointing that half of fl4k’s new skills do not work as intended, for example the Ion loader’s attack command still doesnt work, i mean i understand bugs can be complex but i was hoping some of these issues would have been fixed already, only played for an hour but the ion loader bot’s tracking is also not good


Yep it definitely sucks… I think we’ll have to wait at least until the launch of DLC6 to see any purple tree fixes tbh. Assuming any are coming at all.


Thats hallariose! But sadly true.


i really hope they are coming because honestly as negative as i have been i very much enjoy the purple skill tree and the new pets

wont get my hopes up, there are some bugs from day 1 like invincible mobs blocking progress still not fixed, and every dlc we expect a good patch and its just dlc drop.

Arms race is near non functional in multiplayer, so im pretty much given up.

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thought i would ask since its relevant did the new patch change anything? i read the patch notes and it mentioned the eye laser but i am not sure if anything has changed with fl4k’s purple skill tree

Nope, just what you see in the patch notes.

disappointing i hope i missed something, but at least we finally got the eye laser so that is something i guess :stuck_out_tongue: