I have not received the keys with serials on FB or Twiiter

Hi. For some time , I used serial you have offered to obtain keys in Borderland 2. When active , all in GearBox seems to work, but when I go in the game , the keys are not me accumulate the total . Had 210, used two serial , said it had 10 keys again, and when he entered the game, still with 210. Right now, I can not enter the serial , he tells me he is used . Any can help me?

There was, at one time, a bug with the key counter in that GBX never expected anyone to accumulate more than a certain number (255 iirc). There was a fix that allowed more keys, but the display is still bugged. If you use a bunch of keys, eventually the displayed count will become consistent with the number of keys you actually have.

Seriously though, it really isn’t worth holding on to that many keys, since you can get better gear by farming the many loot sources in the game. I use mine when levelling up if I need a particular weapon, element type, or better shield. I still have well over 100 keys, and I doubt I will ever use even half of those.

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Good… Thx. But i need that now. I’m low lvl. :confused:

So use the keys as you go. Remember that the chest is guaranteed to give purples/etechs at your level. Also remember that purple gear will last more levels than lower rarity items - a good purple weapon in NVHM can easily last 5-10 levels before using it becomes a liability. Finally, also remember that each key usually nets multiple items (four pistols/grenades/shields; two ARs/shotguns/SMGs/snipers, or one launcher). If you have over 200 keys, you really don’t need to be shy about using them!

Good, thx.

I need now a guide for farm.

Which play-through are you on? If you’re still on first character in normal mode, then this guide might help. If you’re in true mode, then @Chuck80’s list of quest rewards worth farming for level 50 might help. That list also applies if you’re in ultimate mode, want to leave some items until max level, and don’t want to reset your UVHM play-through to get them.

Edit: It’s worth noting that the level of any quest reward is locked when you accept the quest. In normal mode, most quest levels are fixed and do not scale to 30 when you complete the main story (with a handful of notable exceptions.) In true mode (TVHM), quests that have not yet been accepted scale to 50 when you complete the main story. In ultimate mode (UVHM) unaccepted quests always scale with your character level.

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Thank you. VaultHunter.