I have now mastered Ernest!

I have now added Ernest to my list of masteries he is truly an amazing character and made me enjoy playing a defender. Anyone else master him?

Yup. I mastered him on the morning of the second day of his release. He’s my second favorite character along with Kleese and may even unseat Ambra as my all time favorite. I’ll have to play him more to make sure.

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3 ranks away! My absolute favorite. Beat Orendi straight up. Sorry. Already mastered though. Ambra’s another master I loved. Sorry. I thought Phoebe had high sustain damage. Oops. Sorry.

I beat two of his lore the first game I played as him. Then the other two over the next two. In 7 total PVP games I had finished all his lore. It was way too easy to do all his lore. Now I just have to level him up 7 more levels to master.

Sadly Toby is no where to be found in PUGs, so I’m sitting at 0/3 Toby matches, but closing in on level 11.:sob:
On the up side, RNG Jesus was kind and I was able to get all three of Ernest’s UPR pack skins as well as his two taunts. Along with an absolutely hilarious turtling taunt for Ghalt that I didn’t even know existed.

Lore done, only Character Rank missing. I’m sitting at maxing all character ranks quickly atm, cause most are done except those that need to be done in PvP and can’t be easy collected like Ernest UPR dmg Lore.

It was easy to do, since you would have always at least on UPR on the other team, even if it only is another Ernest. :joy:

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Argh! Damn you! Lol. I’ve bought 20+ UPR packs just for Ernest skins and taunts. Haven’t even got a single taunt or skin for anyone, let alone Ernest. Stop stealing all the good luck! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I just gotta ask… Are you Canadian? The sorry’s…

I have not mastered Ernest, but he is on my list because he can slaughter like nobody’s business. :slight_smile:

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I mastered him after 6 hours ingameplay. (Needed to sleep and work)

Mastered him yesterday.

If it makes you feel any better, I have had horrible horrible luck with LLC skins/taunts, and have found zero for Kleese, who is one of my favorite characters

Only in spirit

Mastered him in three to four hours when her came out. Congrats by the way.

Yep. I was finally able to master him today. I would have gotten it earlier, but I kept running into enemy teams who only had one or two Peacekeepers on them, the bastards…

I was lucky to find a monty my second match but I can’t imagine trying to hit other Ernest’s and benedicts

Took me 3 pvp games to finish his lore. 3. Way too easy. But yeah he’s fun as crap

SUPER fun. There are some guys I picked up and I’m like yeah, they are ok. I played him for 5 minutes and I felt like I was ready to rock and roll. I’ll probably play him more when the craziness dies down a bit. It probably wont those because hes so damn fun.