I have returned!

It is in my best interest that i return to this modding community to push the limits of my modeling/texturing skills and also because i have had tons of ideas that i cannot fully express without HWR world!

If some one would be so kind as to show me the current file setup and such…it would be much appreciated :smile:

Just making some basic models atm…just to get the ideas flowingimage

Looks like the beginnings of a scout. Glad you’re back!


I sense you will get more likes than me!

Are these placeholder meshes that you’ll model the actual ship around? Something with a bit more complex shape, like this for example?:


Yes this is just a place holder for now!
and wow that looks neat :smile:

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That’s Cowboy Bebop, you don’t know Cowboy Bebop? I could easily imagine myself making a Cowboy Bebop mod! Modeling would be fun, texturing easy (it’s anime). I just have no idea about the gameplay, who against who, how exactly and why.
(Bounty hunters against bad guys against police?)

So do you have some progress of that thing? Have you modelled something since?


Sounds good. But I never heard of it.

If there’s anything in particular you want to know how to do and can’t find useful information on, just name it and I’m sure someone will do their best to catch you up.

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ah yes i have seen some Cowboy bebop…never really got into it

As of this moment i have not done much modeling because iv been sick n stuff
but i am on the road to recovery

EDIT: Well i did make some stuff…like a cool Laser gun…and a monster :smiley:

Do you mean the thing with teeth? It looked good! :wink:

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Yea i kinda lost it…bummer :expressionless:

but i did make a cool looking gun! Will post pics later

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I might have the link on the Steam messages… Let me check. Unless you deleted it…

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I would have it in my browser history! :slight_smile:

Here is that laser gun i made while i was offline for so long!

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I found the link here:

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