I have run out of missions. Where or how do I get more?

When you run out of missions how do you find more? The last mission I did was one that was from Tannis. It said it was an impossible mission and it was apparently impossible. Finding the lair of this creature and killing it. I have not killed the creature. But I did that mission because I couldn’t find any others. How do you unlock “undiscovered” missions?

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if you have undiscovered missions, travel to whichever map it says they are on, go to your map look for the exclamation points and accept the mission/missions from whoever or whatever has it.

this lists all side missions’

What level are you at, sounds like you are ready to jump to TVHM?

I did try TVHM. But it’s way too hard. I tried to free Roland from the prison. That’s as far as I got. After I died about 20 times and spent all my money re-spawning I gave it up and went back to normal mode. But there are no more missions available in normal mode so my only option is to just go around to the different places killing things and getting money.

What level are you versus the starting level of TVHM? What’s your build (go to www.bl2skills.com to insert a build link) and current gear? For farming money, if you have the Mercenary day DLC in normal, you can farm the loot boxes by the tree for cash, but you are probably over leveled for farming gear there in normal. The Tiny Tina DLC in normal might be another place to farm gear or levels as it’s at a higher starting level than the other DLC’s usually. Those two DLC’s I mentioned and the Scarlett DLC are good value for the money if you don’t have them.

if you have completed all missions/ side missions in NVHM (including all DLC’s and HH packs), then unfortunately the only options you have are to do just that or start hitting TVHM again.
The good news is, if you have done all that in NVHM, then you should be what some call “Over Leveled” for about the first half or more of that playthrough.
My suggestion is to start in TVHM again, but first before anything else travel around some of the DLC’s/HH packs, farm the ones with vending machines close to the spawn point (there are several) for Guns/Gear as their Guns/Gear is a little Higher level then in the main game where your at the moment.
As you are having trouble in TVHM, You want to make sure your Gear is as close to your level as possible, that your toons Skills lean towards Health and Damage (I know there are other builds, just my preference).
And last my favorite, “The B.A.R. Perks”, if you have not put any points into them yet, then think before you start, “You Do Not Have To Put Points Into Every Single Perk”, instead put points into specific Perks that increase Heath, Shield Perks, Damage Perks (I suggest at least 12 perks, so at least one perk you want comes up each time). If you have put points into everything then you’ll just have to try and put points into them when they do come up.

Some Definitions
NVHM Level 1 thru upper 30’s (except for Terre L 50)
TVHM upper 30’s to 50
UVHM scales to the level of the highest player in game

UVHM is the only mode that can be reset to play all missions/side missions over and over again

NVHM and TVHM missions and side missions can only be played 1 time. in these two the only thing that can be reset to do over again and again are The BAR Challenges, the Tier 3 Challenges in Torgues DLC, the BadAss Round of Magic Slaughter and of course the Raid Bosses (if I missed any please add).