I have some questions about gear

Shouldn’t higher tier gear be better than lower tier gear? Why do the blue and purple pieces of gear cost more to activate but have worse stats?



I agree its lame.

In this case, the lower tier loot requires you to perform a maneuver to active the passive ability, which only lasts for a short time. The higher tier allows you to have added attack at all times without performing additional tasks. Its much easier to get into a fight not having to worry about landing a standard melee attack to get a buff from your gear. Play with your builds, find what suits you. I would recommend using shard generation gear pieces to finish your builds faster, or just focus more time on collecting shards from camps to allow you to finish your build.

that’s a better epic than any I’ve gotten tbh, most of mine are AS/Shield or something like that 1 really useful perk and 1 meh

The problem I’m encountering more often than not is my uncommon (green) gear tends to trump my blue and a lot of my epics just because of the unfortunate drawbacks or useless side effects, not only that but the gear system in general feels fairly shallow, it’s fun but lacks the in depth strategy of traditional moba buying and the gear hunting fun of borderlands, I fail to see the longevity in the gear system as is