I have some things which could improve the Multiplayer function of Homeworld Remastered

I have some things which could improve the Multiplayer function of Homeworld Remastered.

  • Please add a chatbox function so you can chat with people to find people to play games with.
  • Please add a list which shows which players are currently using the multiplayer, how many are in games and how many are sitting in the lobby.
  • Please add a function to show if people are AFK for a said period of time in the said player list.
  • Please add the ability to add people to friends in a type of friendlist function for easy access to finding friends for games who reside in the same region. i.e Australia or America, etc…
  • Also possibly add a function to see the average ping of a game in the main lobby screen.
  • Maybe add a map builder program like the original games to create your own maps for multiplayer???
  • Add a function to display what region people are playing from? Might make it easier to distinguish players instead of having to kick people for having high ping.
  • On top of having a friendlist, add a block list to block disruptive people, or people who are rude.
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@sneeak08 try to remember they are having to rebuild code for multiplayer, with gamespy gone they gotta redo that stuff, gonna be awhile before we get that kind of function.

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Yes I am aware of that, I am just suggesting improvements.

gonna take time, GBX first attempt at an RTS and they set their sets way too high.

Great suggestions. I would like to add that the friends list would be nice if it was simply adding players to our steam friend list, not some proprietary friend list.


No, they didn’t set their sights way too high. We’re still in a the Beta phase of the multiplayer. I don’t see anything wrong with what’s going on. I just see a process that is still ongoing. There is no failure yet. Just work to be done that everyone already knows would be needed.

Its really an alpha

espicially when 3/4 of games dont even load