I have some Zane-y Gear up for Grabs

Have a few Zane related pickups for today. The following are currently up for grabs:

Seein Dead - +4 Donnybrook, +1 Playing Dirty
Weapon Fire Rate
Cryo Resistance
Atlas Damage

Seein Dead - +4 Donnybrook, +1 Violent Violence
Weapon Handling
Sniper Damage
Weapon Reload

@maxageddon hey there. What are you looking for for the dictator?

What do you have in the way of amara coms?

I’d have to look but I should have copies of all of them. Which one are you looking for? Most of the ones I keep at least have weapon damage on them.

Primary ones I am looking for are a phasezerker with +5 in clarity, Driver with +3 in mindfulness and cooldown, and a Golden Rule with +3 in laid bare and cooldown

I’ve got a golden rule with only one in mindfulness but with cool down, crit damage, and smg damage.

Sorry not a golden rule, a spiritual driver. Oops.

no worries. Any golden rules with a +3 in laid bare?

I have a +3 mindfulness driver with 20% reload speed, 31% AR damage and 54% charge speed if that would suffice ?

I need the cooldown on the driver, but Im definitely open to other goods. What are you interested in?

Im good im not looking for anything was gonna give you that driver and you could give the edward guy the dictator he was looking for ?

Nice dude!

I am open to other goods as well, btw. Coms are ideal, but anything interesting can tickle my fancy

Perfect, I have a few phasezerkers but none with the +5 you were after, is it solely cooldown stats your focused on ?

Cooldown and some sort of damage. Skills really dont matter as much on a phasezerker, the +5 clarity would just be icing

I hear you on the +5 I have never been that lucky to get one though i’ll root through the stash and see whats there, be back in a few

Sounds good, still a trade on @edward.claxton5 behalf?

Absolutely :+1:

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@timmo1146 thank you so much. That’s awesome of you man. I really appreciate it!

Hit me up with your PSN. I can send you the Dictator