I have the Super Deluxe Edition on Epic

Why is Multiverse Skin Pack locked “Buy Now” on my account when it includes as Additional Bonus Content


Same for me. But I noticed my Super Deluxe version and Season Pass 1 got labeled Unavailable at the store page and now I own standard and all add-ons from super deluxe. Like I bought all dlcs without ever buying Super Deluxe or SP. AND epic thinks I nether own SD nor SP so why give me skins for free.

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Same issue for me, not received the new skins I am entitled to after owning the super deluxe edition on epic, Gearbox needs to sort this out.

While I could obviously just by SP2 to get them anyway, the fact that this error has occurred makes me obviously dubious about spending more money via the epic store until it is settled.

One thing I have noticed as well, Amara’s Final Form skin isn’t even showing at all on the EGS for me, just the other 3 VHs.


Seems like this is solely an EGS issue? They already had a rocky launch to the game update. I’d suggest bugging both them and filing a ticket with 2K support (as annoying as doing such things can be).

You may want to try relaunching the Epic client first, though - there may be something that hasn’t cleared/connected properly and a proper refresh might just clear things up.

I have tried verifying, relaunching both game and egs, even reinstalling it too, it basically seems like EGS has somehow messed up people’s accounts, seemingly listing it as if people have bought the base game and the dlc’s rather than SP1 or the super deluxe version.

I’ve been back and forth with 2K support a few times since yesterday on this issue and here is the result:

" Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation so far. I’d like to let you know that after gathering information from you and other Vault Hunters, we’ve been able to report this issue with the missing DLC Multiverse Final Form cosmetics to the Development team!

What this means is that we’ll now have to wait for them to review this issue affecting some players, and work toward possible fixes. However, the only way a fix would be implemented is through future but not immediate updates/hotfixes that we in Customer Support do not have the ability to program and release."

Wouldn’t recommend wasting your time on re-installing or anything like that, seems like it doesn’t work and there’s nothing support can do. We’ll just have to wait for a fix from Gearbox.


I am going through the same issue. I am unable to buy the Season Pass 2 from either the Gearbox website and from Epic game store!!! Today was my day off to enjoy this release and I can’t even buy it!!! >:(

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