I have the torgue and maliwan reward guns with phaseslam plus 300

If you want both they are yours. scolville and ember both

I’m in - should I add you (mdb831?)

yup mdb831

Request sent!

i did not get it

I see you… let me send you something.

edit: Anointed Rough Rider on the way. I’d join your game, but I have fresh gear that I haven’t backed up yet (and I’m loathe to lose it in a co-op mishap).

edit: there they are, thanks!

Sorry if it was too much gear :slight_smile:

Not at all - if you’re otherwise going to sell legendary stuff, I’ll be your dumping grounds… don’t even care if it’s anointed or anything.

I am still farming the 2 items if anyone is looking for a specific anointment scoville or ember

If you find a scoville with any Moze-based anointment, I’m down. Or no anointment - total bottom feeder here. :laughing:

(If you get a request for one of those Amara-anointed (phaseslam with 300% damage, I can provide if you’re out at the moment).

edit - cheap tips? Heartbreaker? I didn’t even know these were guns! :+1:

I will farm some more with Moze annointed when I get home from work

Heya - you looking for something specifically? If I find it, it’s yours.