I have to reinstall Nvidia drivers every time I want to play BL3

Every time I reboot my computer BL3 will crash on launch unless I completely reinstall the latest Nvidia Driver. Please Fix! This it the only work around I’ve found and 2K support is ignoring my ticket :frowning:

Sounds like a PC issue to me not a game issue. Check to make sure your PC is up to date via Windows Update. Also delete and reinstall your Geforce Experience control panel. Redownload new video driver again through the program then try to launch the game after you’ve done that.

After you do a clean (check the box for clean install) reinstall the latest NVidia drivers direct from their site, I’d manually run the Windows Update. My guess is that Windows thinks it knows best and is overwriting your installed NVidia drivers. When you manually run it, there should be a way to hide or disable that driver depending on which OS you have.

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Turns out my issue was due to some software associated with my motherboard. I removed gigabyte app center and voila. Game starts and controller is working again!

word! now make sure you have 2 factor authentication enabled on Epic games store so your account doesnt get hacked and your character doesnt get deleted.