I have to say I'm pretty annoyed with a few story things

I’m just a fraction into the game, just taking my time exploring every nook and cranny, testing guns, getting way overleved and not caring, level 12 and only just killed Mouthpiece, but…but…

I’ve been willfully ignoring spoiler tags and at this point know a large chunk of the story and most of the major twists / deaths / the ending.

I’m not concerned about that.

What annoys me is how blatantly they seem to have ignored, or at least put off for future iterations, many of the post-Borderlands-2-ending-events of the PreSequel.

I am HIGHLY annoyed that the mysterious Red Eridian does not show up, that we are not embroiled in a huge war, and that Bandits…I mean Children…of the Vault somehow took over the entire planet without Lilith and her Raiders doing a damn thing about it.

The Crazy Twin Leaders almost seem like a rip off of the Blue & Pink Armoured Psycho Twin Leaders from the big Far Cry 5 DLC that came out last February.

I think I had kind of resigned myself to the fact that Borderlands 3 would be the last of its line and that the Franchise would go out with a masterpiece of insane glory and loot (plus DLCs).

After all this wait!

We may have to wait, what, 3-5 years, to MAYBE see the Red Eridian and the upcoming war?

I’m also pretty annoyed that the main Vault Hunters from 2 (as well as Athena) don’t play as insanely central a role in the events of 3 as the Vault Hunters from Borderlands 1 played in the events of Borderlands 2.

I realize I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m getting pretty damn tired of Lilith!

Also, Vaughan is a funny dude, but Handsome Jack was chillingly sinister and funny.

I find it really hard to take Vaughan seriously, although he is funny.

I don’t want Borderlands to become another endless sequels game.


I am loving the mechanics and guns and environments and looting but I am really trying not to think about all the things I just listed, and I’ve BARELY EXPERIENCED ANY OF THEM MYSELF YET!

Gearbox, I won’t lie…I feel kinda betrayed here, “friendos”.


Well, I don’t want to spoil anything by confirming or denying, but I think it’s a probably a problem lot of shonen anime face. Too many characters and not enough time to give them the spotlight.


Agree on most points, but mainly the two antagonists and the whole “followers” idea. I get it, social media still plays a part in whatever universe the game takes place in, but not in the final Borderlands series, it doesn’t work for me. Maybe 4-5years ago when we didn’t know what it means the more followers you have, and I suspect alot of the players over 30yrs old will tune out most of the dialog the two main enemies have.


The story sucks.

Overall writing is crap. Its fan-fiction adopted as main plot.

Sidestuff is okay. There are a lot of little moments that are great… but I’m starting to feel really disappointed.

Is rather they just remade BL 2 with new shooting mechanics.


I mean… there is a very obvious war going on in the story. There are several areas in the game with 10 times as many enemies as Borderlands 2 had in any point of the game. I feel like this is the first game to actually make you feel like you’re taking part in some sort of war. With Borderlands 2 Jack never really sent that many loaders at you nor did many bandits try to stop you. In ever encampment there were like… 10 or 15 bandits at best. BL3 has a ton of enemies pouring out especially on multiplayer.



Fair point!

Ive only just got to Sanctuary heading to Promethea.

To be fair, most of my original post yesterday was fuelled by my blatant and willful disregarding of spoiler tags.

But, how do you feel about my other points aside from the “Where’s the war?” one, if you don’t mind me asking?

tbh the ‘main’ story sucks, i feel that borderlands 3 is mostly made up of many subplots, like atlas and jakobs, i loved the atlas one, it had some of that writing that made borderlands special.
but back on topic, the main story is so small once you cut off the subplots, and because of that you almost never feel attached to anything that’s going on, it’s not like borderlands 2 where handsome jack was constantly talking to you, in borderlands 3 you hardly hear the main villains speak, and what they do speak is so bland and hardly memorable. almost every planet has it’s own subplot, and the main story only really picks up again when you are opening the vaults and fighting the calypso’s, which is the vast minority of the game. and the second you reach any planet you get pushed into a subplot that instantly makes you forget about the main plot.

how do i put this, borderlands 3 feels like they wanted each location to have it’s own story, which yes, is a cool idea. but in the pursuit of that, they watered down the main plot line so much that it lost its flavor.


I’m just really disappointed with how Vaughn’s character turned out. He went from a smart accountant to a gross idiot.

He was my favourite in tales :frowning:


Expecting a story climax with Borderlands 3 was a mistake. Borderlands 2 sold over 20 million copies, making it one of the most successful games of all-time. Gearbox’s last new IP on the other hand, Battleborn, sold about 3 million copies and was regarded as a flop. Duke Nukem Forever flopped, Aliens Colonial Marines Flopped, Brothers in Arms is as good as dead. Borderlands 1, 2, and 3 are the only truly successful games that Gearbox has released in over a decade. You really think that 2K and Randy are going to kill the golden goose by ending Borderlands anytime soon, when new IP’s are massively risky financially? Nah, not a chance, they will milk Borderlands for all it’s worth.

As for the story, I haven’t finished it yet, but I don’t think it’s bad. Definitely could have been better though. So many wasted opportunities. Tons of characters that don’t show up at all, including most of Tales from the Borderlands cast, and we didn’t even get a reunion for the 2 Tales characters that are in the game, Rhys and Vaughn, because Vaughn stayed on Pandora to recruit bandits for the Crimson Raiders instead of leaving on the ship with everybody else.


If you look on Worth Pre Sequel has the best story overall even with it being a Recycled Borderlands 2 and very short

i am really amused how it could be such a hit


by the time you finish it you will be wondering, What and why.


Tbh I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how “Oh this antagonist is just like Jack in the sense that nobody knows how they got into power”
When in reality it quite literally explains how Tyreen got all the bandits to her side. In fact in BL2 and TPS there are explanations as to how Jack got Hyperion and got all the bandits to fight for him.
The story was fine up until the final boss which honestly was really boring.


I actually like the b3 story I feel it’s set up to have them game move through a series of dlc to expand and maybe even include the coming great war.

Sanctuary ship wasn’t built overnight do I’m thinking Lilith and the raiders have been preparing for something big that they didn’t really take note of the bandits switching allegiance

What it does do well is is cover off the other great weapons firms and you can now see an alliance building between some of them

We may still get what we want but Borderlands three is now built in such a way a new entry isn’t required … But yearly expansions could see it last 4 or 5 more years


It would have been really cool if the children of Helios were still around, and we got to see Vaughn’s leadership and how all those corporate dumbasses adjusted to the environment of Pandora (also I would have loved another dumb finger gun fight homage). Instead I guess they’re all dead and Vaughn just runs around in his underwear and him and Rhys don’t talk. Disappointing.


Overall, I like the story. I do feel the Calypsos aren’t as memorable as Handsome Jack because they’re fundamentally different. Jack was delusional - he was absolutely convinced that what he was doing was right - but he was still emotionally connected to other humans. After Angel was killed, he had a very personal reason to hate you and the other characters. To the Calypsos, you’re an insect - bigger than the other insects, harder to kill, but still an insect. I don’t think they really saw anyone else as people - they have no emotional attachment to anyone except each other, and even that is strained. So there’s no emotion to their attempts to smack you down, just practical considerations. Everything they do gives them an advantage in some way. They’re psychopaths.

I think if they’d played up the disconnect between how they appear for their followers and how they act when they’re talking to you/main NPCs, it would have worked a lot better. So leave their ECHOcasts as is, but change how they talk to you & your companions. E.g. instead of a blustery “you’re my biggest fan, you just don’t know it yet”, make it a dispassionate “you don’t see it yet, but you & your friends are just another piece in my game - everything you’re doing is helping me win”. If they’d made the public Calypsos a ploy and played up the detachment and almost alien nature of the private Calypsos, they could have been truly terrifying.

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I am annoyed how they treat Maya as cheap emotion ploy and it anybody want to sign the petition


Yeah, it sucks that they killed Maya. But you can’t unscramble eggs. It’s done and a part of the story’s Canon now, we have to just deal and move on. I can’t see how they could explain how she survived and have it make sense. Unless they make the New-u station’s Canon, then anyone could come back making death meaningless and plunging the universe into chaos.

The twins defeating maya is canon but the death? Can be explained away and make a emotional return if done right


I really hope that this petition will help, I follow it with 1157 signatures, how do you think it will help?