I have to spend more time waiting to get into a game then actually playing it

So it was me and my buddy right we wanted to play a match of battleborn but the thing is we had to wait over a hour just to play one single match and then the connection was lost even tho that has never happen’d to me before but thats besides the point if we do somehow magically find a match for the most part if we are beating the enemies they just up and surrender and it wasent even like 10 minutes into the match


Sometimes it gets stuck and you have to quit and reenter the queue.

except thats what we did every 20 minutes

Ah. What system are you on? This may be common on PC.

i dont generally think its the system i think its more that the player base is kinda non existent at this point because when i first had the game i could find matches no prob but now that im level 100 i can barley find anything and my friend is 44 but he hasten had the game for to long and even he cant find a match relatively quick

Well, it’s doing well enough to provide constant matches on console. On PC, everything but Incursion is hurting badly. Story mode is fine, but Capture is only two premades going at it together.

but the sad thing is im on xbox sooo yeah

Which he is saying is odd because queue speed issues are very rare on consoles especially on Xbox which seems to have the largest player base


which i dont get because it feels like there is nobody here when playing battleborn i even tried queuing up with a full squad and that took just about the same time

Nah that’s not true, I’ve been experiencing the same over the past week. During noon it was almost impossible to find any matches other than incursion, and even gathering a team there took 5-10 minutes. I haven’t played any capture or meltdown matches since it felt like it took ages to find players.

Edit: EU CEST here…

I played 5 pub games this morning around 6am (not peak) and each queue was around 2-3 minutes. Your issue is odd

Sadly yes MD and Cap still take forever -_-

You don’t think an hour seems odd?

yeah i dont get it but my buddy who is on ps4 says he stoped playing because he went a full day and well he got 2 matches and that was it for the day

There are bad times to play and I hear it far more sporadic on ps4 but the players are there. I dunno what to tell you man. Play after 12 PST, check your NAT, and pray.

I don’t know why you’re having issues, I get into a game in minutes on Xbox one.

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i have nat type 2 soo yeah i just dont get it

You have the patience to wait in queue for over a hour? Or are you exaggerating?

nope i had the patiantes becuase all i did was play some youtube videos and stuff on my computer

also sorry for bad spelling i just got in a game frome a 20 minute Que