I have to spend more time waiting to get into a game then actually playing it

I´m on XB1 as well and the very few times we waited over 5minutes were occasions where the MM got stuck. It happens once in a while, just go back to the mainscreen and start again. Theres no reason to wait an hour because of a bug, even 20minutes are to long imo, no need to torture yourself.

After all I red in this topic it just seems like really bad luck to me… we play daily, well my fiance more often than me, and we always find games, at least PvE or Incursion. Capture can be rough, but only on weekdays when its morning or noon in the US. (We are in Europe but get matched with people from all over the world, mainly US players)

Did you consider to play with friends or make new friends here in the forum to play with?
Our BB-XB1 section has many players that search for teammates :slight_smile:

Same, I’m on PS4 and I play with friends & it takes maybe 10-15 mins to find enough people to start a match. 5-7 mins if I’m lucky. Once I do manage to get in a match, the enemy team starts throwing out surrenders within the first 10 mins of the match if we even touch their sentry.

but see we would leave the matchmaking every 20 or so minutes and start searching again and yeah you know the story

yeah I understand… I just really wonder where the problems root could be. Sure the playerbase it not huge, but so far it was enough for a decent MM on XB, it more seems like an external network issue or maybe purely bad luck combined with bad timing.
At all I really hope things will run better for you soon!

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Just thought I’d add this, though I’m not sure it will help. It won’t hurt to try it though. If you are having trouble finding a match after an extended period of time try exiting and restarting the game and see if that does anything to help. It could be something is getting stuck and not letting you find a match.

[quote=“Kaleidodemon, post:25, topic:1545269”]
ust thought I’d add this, though I’m not sure it will help. It won’t hurt to try it though. If you are having trouble finding a match after an extended period of time try exiting and restarting the game and see if that does anything to help. It could be something is getting stuck and not letting you find a match.
[/quote] expanding on this you can try hard resetting your Xbox after closing Battleborn from the home screen. Hold the power button for 10 seconds while the system is on.

Yeah I was at my friends house and we were drinking beer and playing ps4 on 2 TVs and we have been really into battleborn. But yeah sometimes it was 10+ minutes to find a game, and half the games had people not even playing! There was also a lot of 5-mans crushing and just overall people surrendering without even trying. Then before midnight we couldn’t get a game going period.

Made me sad, I was really looking forward to playing a lot of battleborn but overall it was a bad experience and turned us off from the game. Good thing we had beer and other things to do

Greetings mat_harty,

so you’re on xbox one, can you please give more detail what region you’re playing and what modes you wanted to play that let you wait one hour in the machtmaking before a game started?!

I’m on XB1 / Europe / Germany, i usually play story missions & Incursion pvp and no matter what daytime i play ( and to be honest i play alot ) let it be in the morning, about noon or in the evening the matchmaking takes around 1 - 5 minutes on XB1 to get into a game. I rarely play meltdown and capture, so i don’t know about the qeueing times there.

It seems that sometimes one is stuck in the matchmaking, you never should wait more than a few minutes before you realize that nothing will happen then, just leave matchmaking and enter the queue again this allways helps.

This weekend was a bit strange, while the incursion queue was fast as usual on XB1 i had some trouble find a full team to play the hardcore spotlight missions. All in all i think the XB1 playerbase is stable and over the past 2 weeks i have seen alot of new player with low command ranks.

Best regards.

Perhaps because you are playing at prime time and he is playing during off hours?

I don’t know what’s considered prime time. I play at all different times of the day and week. It seems to be ok on my end.

I will say that I played quite a bit this weekend (on Xbox One), and the PvE matchmaking times were about 2x’s longer than normal (about 5 minutes to find a game of 4 or 5 people).

I couldn’t find a single game of Heliophage with more than one other person and couldn’t find a single game of regular Advanced with more than one other person, so I was reduced to playing Normal (which is fine) or Hardcore Spotlight if I wanted to play with more than one other person.

Yes it was unusual, but exactly what i experienced … very strange.

[quote=“Vicks_Toire, post:8, topic:1545269”]
Which he is saying is odd because queue speed issues are very rare on consoles especially on Xbox which seems to have the largest player base
[/quote]That’s just not true. PS4 has crazy wait times most of the time. It takes 10 to 20 minutes for matches most of the time, and it’s not uncommon to be matched against the same people you just played 10 to 20 minutes prior, meaning that they’ve been searching that entire time too, and that it’s just taken the game that long to put your teams together again.

I’m on PS4 and having a really hard time finding capture and meltdown matches by now. Story normal works okay (can’t find people for advanced anymore though), incursion works too (of course).
Pretty sad… Everything worked so well a month ago, the player base went overboard earlier than I ever would have imagined :confused:

I mention ps4s erratic behavior a little farther down. I play on Xbox One but I know many who play on PS4 and PC. Xbox One is undeniably the most active but I have rarely heard of queue issues in excess of 10 minutes on PS4. The games stability and player is up and down obviously but it’s been treading even for a little while it seems. The OP is complaining of having to wait over an hour so yes that is odd. This isn’t taking into account queue times for unpopular choices like Capture or Heliophage. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. I’m saying it’s rare.

My personal experience on Xbox is that I can generally find a game within a few minutes, and this is from someone who prefers Meltdown over Incursion.

More than happy to group up if your on when I am.

GMT, GT UnknowingFool

im in the usa and i like to play meltdown but i usually play incursion because of the long wait times btw i was a bit busy i was spending time with my cousin she has cancer and lets just say shes not going to be here very much longer so yeah