I have to verify the game everytime i want to run it

Everyday when I start Borderlands 3, that first banner image will load (right before the game opens) and it will just stay stuck there forever. No error or anything, some CPU usage in the beginning but then eventually nothing. Then once I verify the game it will open instantly. Am I going to have to spend 10 mins verifying the game everyday?

Also I know its been said a million times before, but at the moment I can’t use scopes at all! Frames go from 120+ down to 40-50 (playing on very low btw). :frowning:

I have the problem with the verification too. Know people who dont have this problem with B3

I’ve been having the same issue and what worked for me was to right click on epic games launcher on your desktop and go down to properties, after that select the compatibility folder and check the box that says run as administrator, then click apply and Ok in the bottom right corner. After all that re-launch the epic games launcher and you should be good. I’m playing the game right now after trying this once so I’m not sure if it’ll fix it for good but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

Hey, you don’t have to re-verify. What I do is this.

Run game.
Banner shows up.
Ctrl alt del task manager.
End borderlands 3 (it opened as a background process)
Run game.

ta da, it loaded.

That’s my experience…99 percent of my boot ups