I heard that Matchmaking in this game is not very good

I’m not trying to be a downer, but instead suggest to gearbox something.

I am new to this game and heard from mutlple people that matchmaking is not very good.

I’ve been playing alot of games this year and Division 2 is one of them. In Division 2 every streamer and player I played with agreed that matchmaking in Division 2 is really not good, but ‘calling for backup’ works so well it is what everyone uses instead.

So if anyone at gearbox is curious. Division 2’s ‘calling for backup’ mechanic is what keeps the community creating pick up groups regularly. I personally use it all the time because it is so simple and straight forward.

Also answering players backup calls ties into a reward system. They got a lot of good ideas!

Just put in a session browser.
Here’s Deep Rock Galactic’s:

I took that screenshot at 4 AM. Only 35 people playing in my region at my preferred difficulty (which I can filter and sort by), but I’m still able to see what mission types are on offer, what classes are in them, and join one I like.

The issue with the matchmaker has nothing to do with it being “good” or “bad”, it doesn’t even really need to be in a co-op game that scales to clients anyway. It’s the fact that the population isn’t very high, and you can only search among a portion of them because matchmaking is splintered by gamemode.