I hoard too many class mods

I keep telling myself they will get used on different builds but they never will. LoL


Exactly the same. Also doesn’t help that this damn DLC keeps throwing Golden Rule in my face constantly lmao.

I used to too, but I made a habit of always comparing them when putting them in the safe and only keep the best one of every kind. All others are sold. It’s not like I’ll be using any but the best of each.

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I finally just put all my Amara mods on a mule. I have around 25 of them . I mean – you just never know! Well, mule has 40 slots so that will be the limit.

Keep a few of my favorites on me.

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I only keep one of each type for the moment, as soon as the level cap is raised they’ll need replacing anyways.

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I do the same thing lol. I think it’s good to have a generic good roll and toss the rest. I don’t like swapping outfits with limited bank space.(also lazy) lol

I tossed the rest once I pulled one with +3 Laid Bare, +2 Mindfulness, and weapon damage. Prior to that, I had over 30. It’s a sickness.

…so, yeah, I tossed those to make room for more.

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